Awards and certifications

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Technopôle Angus named  “BEST OVERALL” project in Canada by Canadian Urban Institute. The “Best Overall” award recognizes a single project or program that combines excellence in urban design, outstanding public space, and innovative approaches to land remediation in adherence with sustainable development principles. This honor recognizes Technopôle Angus’s excellence since its beginnings in 1999, including the Phase II development

Globe Awards for Environmental Excellence 2013

Société de développement Angus (SDA) won a Globe Award for Excellence in Urban Sustainability for its Technopôle Angus project. The category recognizes companies that develop and implement exceptional urban renewal practices.

2012 Phénix Environment Award

Société de développement Angus (SDA) took top honors in the climate change action/non-profit category for non-educational institutions and associations at the Quebec government’s 2012 Phénix awards. The prize was awarded for the group action plan to fight climate change adopted by all Technopôle Angus tenants, which substantially reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 110 t CO2 eq. from its very first year.

Prix Armatura 2012

SDA, en tant que maître d’ouvrage, et l’équipe réunie autour de la conception et la construction du 2-22 (Ǽdifica, Groupe TEQ, SNC-Lavalin) ont remporté le prix Armatura dans la catégorie commerciale pour l’envergure de la réalisation, les défis relevés au niveau du design, les méthodes de construction, le respect des normes et échéances et la mise en valeur du béton. Ce prix est remis par l’Institut d’acier d’armature du Québec.

PDG vert PME 2012

Christian Yaccarini, président et chef de la direction de la Société de développement Angus, a remporté le Prix PDG vert 2012, dans la catégorie PME. Organisé pour la première fois en 2012 par le journal Les Affaires et la société Trebora Conseil, ce concours vise à souligner le leadership de dirigeants québécois dans la promotion du développement durable au sein de leur organisation.

2011 Énergia Award

SDA won the Énergia Award in the green/sustainable building category for its 4100 Molson building. The award is given by Association québécoise pour la maîtrise de l’énergie (AQME). A host of energy-saving strategies incorporated in the building’s design, construction, and management practices have paid off big: it uses just half the energy of an equivalent conventional building!

2009 Bike-friendly Workplace Award

SDA took home the blue ribbon in the 1,000+ employees category of Vélo Québec’s bike-to-work campaign for measures implemented at Technopôle Angus to encourage both workers and visitors to hop in the saddle. At the time it received the award, the Technopôle offered parking for 140 bikes—28 controlled-access and 112 public spaces—and a full array of indoor facilities to make life easier for cyclists such as showers, changing rooms, and lockers. Technopôle Angus also puts 8 shared bicycles at the disposal of the public. What’s more, the site’s yearly Véloboulotmanie event has helped raise awareness about and get more people pedaling to work on a regular basis. 

2008 Environment and Sustainable Development Gala

SDA was awarded the trophy in the business and industry category for the integrated waste management plan implemented at Technopôle Angus in 2007. Inits first year alone the plan kept 1,000 cubic metersof recyclable or environmentally harmful materials out of landfills.  

2008 Business of the Year (Prix ESTim)

The Chambre de commerce de l’Est de Montréal named Technopôle Angus winner in the environment and sustainable development category. When it comes to sustainability, Technopôle Angus is truly walking the walk as Quebec’s only business park to incorporate every facet of sustainable development into its daily operations and plans for the future. 

Prix Orchidée 2007

SDA a reçu les honneurs dans la catégorie Organisation. En lui décernant ce prix, la Chambre de commerce et d’industrie de l’Est de Montréal souligne le travail exceptionnel de SDA à participer au développement de l’Est de Montréal et à valoriser les sentiments d'appartenance et de fierté au territoire.

The Locoshop Angus conversion was a sustainable development first for all of Canada. SDA and Locoshop architects Ædifica have garnered a host of awards and distinctions for their work:

Award of Excellence – Innovation in Architecture, 2001, Royal Architectural Institute of Canada

First Prize – Hermann Miller Sustainable Design Award, 2001, National Post

1st green industrial building in Canada, 2000, Public Works and Government Services Canada

Green Building Challenge Award, 2000, Building Council


The green parking lot at Locoshop Angus Created in 1999