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Société de développement Angus is a social enterprise founded in 1995 following the closure of the Angus Shops in Montreal’s Rosemont neighborhood, at a time when much of the surrounding area also faced surging unemployment.

By working closely with the surrounding community, SDA was able to reverse the tide and bring jobs and vitality back to the site with an exciting group venture, Technopôle Angus. Today nearly half the site has been developed and houses some fifty businesses, institutions, and organizations that employ over 2,000 workers in several dynamic sectors.

In 2006 SDA set its sights further afield with a new series of sustainable urban development projects. Le 2-22 and Carré Saint-Laurent are two compelling examples of our vision and impressive momentum. SDA also serves growing organizations with new spaces tailor-made to suit their evolving needs.


Société de développement Angus: A grassroots organization from day one.