Technopôle Angus, the place to work

See how we are creating a truly smart neighborhood where the Work, Live, Play and Learn environment meets Sustainability

Light on Le 2-22!

On the night of October 24 2013, Montreal audiences attended the official launch of the illumination of cultural building Le 2-22, which literally become the beacon of Quartier des spectacles (Montréal’s Arts & entertainement district)! Moment Factory designed a concept whereby high-tech tells the history the area. Stage director Lorraine Pintal also joined in by creating a multidisciplinary show that was performed on the catwalks of 3 of the building’s floors.

brainchild of developer SDA and architectural firm Aedifca, the illumination project of the building was managed and carried out by La Vitrine.

Le Parcours:  Twenty years of Sustainable Development at Technopôle Angus

We’ve come a long way from the layoff of the last 900 employees at CP Railways’ Angus Shops in September 1992 to the arrival of the 2,000-odd workers who now spend their workweeks at the Technopôle! Société de développement Angus (SDA) is proud of its progress and achievements at the Technopôle, made possible through close ties with the surrounding community. The project has since brought new jobs and renewal to the industrial ruins of the Angus Shops. Experience this fascinating journey in Le Parcours (French only), a video narrated by Christian Yaccarini.