Technopôle Angus

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Société de développement Angus will embark on a new phase of development at Technopôle Angus in 2013We will be developing the site’s remaining vacant lots (550,000 sq. ft.) to create a mixed-use space that reflects our commitment to sustainable development. This means achieving balance between office, commercial, and living spaces; offering outstanding amenities for both workers and residents; and creating public spaces and bringing them to life—plus incorporating a variety of cutting-edge environmental technologies that exceed today’s standards for sustainable building.

The project is a testament to SDA’s steadfast commitment to job creation and will serve as an invaluable legacy to Rosemont’s future generations.

SDA has adopted a concise yet flexible project development plan that will allow us to tailor the function and design of each space to our occupant’s needs through every stage of the building process. Where urban planning is concerned, the plan aims to unify the new and existing spaces and make the site an integral part of the neighbourhood.

This project more than reflects SDA’s vision of sustainable urban renewal—it takes it to a whole new level. Once complete, it will transform Technopôle Angus into a touchstone for local economic development. For more information or to plan attending the public meeting on September 19, click here


Société de développement Angus’s seminal project, Technopôle Angus, was both an urban renewal initiative and a real-life experiment in sustainable development. By 2011 SDA had achieved its first objective: 2,000 new jobs on the site of a rezoned and decontaminated former industrial ruin.

The current value of all Technopôle real estate stands at $77,000,000. The business park is home to 53 businesses from a wide range of industries. Social enterprises abound and Technopôle tenants provide local workers and residents with a range of services including two daycare centers, a cafeteria managed with an emphasis on social reintegration by Groupe PART, the Angus medical center, a gym founded by young neighborhood entrepreneurs, and the Ubisoft motion capture studio. Flagship tenants include CLSC de Rosemont and, soon, Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québec, both in build-to-suit single-tenant buildings.

The Technopôle Angus story is one of many milestones. In 2000 Locoshop Angus was named as Canada’s first green industrial building. In 2006 Technopôle Angus became the first business park in Quebec to adopt a waste management plan. And in 2008 SDA obtained LEED for Neighborhood Development (LEED-ND Gold) certification for its development plan for the Angus site—just the second project outside the U.S. to achieve this prestigious seal of approval.




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