Carré Saint-Laurent

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Carré Saint-Laurent is made up of 9 lots at the heart of downtown Montreal’s Quartier des Spectacles bordered by the Monument-National and rues Sainte-Catherine, Saint-Laurent, and Clark.

Through this bustling mixed-use complex spanning 47 500 square meter, SDA is injecting new life into what was once a bleak, run-down area. Offices, housing, cultural spaces, and businesses will line the street. The commercial strip will house independant food stalls in an open-air corridor that stays cool in summer and warm in winter. In the office sector, about 700 Quebec government civil servant will work starting in 2020. Some 150 units are planned for the residiential sector to be located at the corner of Sainte-Catherine street and Saint-Laurent boulevard.

This redevelopment at the city’s cultural epicenter will reinforce the zone’s historical and symbolic significance.

True to its principles, SDA plans to use green building techniques and integrate restored architectural elements from existing buildings.