Maison André-Gratton

Maison André-Gratton is a facility like no other in Quebec—and an SDA pet project! Read more

Technopôle Angus is proud to stand at the intersection of green building and social economy, and two very special Technopôle Angus buildings—Carrefour de l’économie sociale Angus and Maison André-Gratton, home of the Lighthouse, Children and Families organization—embody our commitment to socially meaningful projects.

Maison André-Gratton provides respite and support services for terminally ill children and their families. And the name “maison” says it all: The facility’s philosophy, layout, and service model make it a place where children can be comfortable with their parents around the clock. Maison André-Gratton also houses the Lighthouse, Children and Families offices.

SDA’s role in Maison André-Gratton took a number of forms including consulting, organizational support for the fundraising campaign, government advocacy, coordination of building plans and technical specifications, and designing and building the home itself.