Le 2-22 is the showpiece of Montreal’s arts hub, Quartier des spectacles. Read more

SDA kicked off the renewal of a stretch of Boulevard Saint-Laurent in downtown Montreal with Le 2-22, a 59,000 sq. ft. arts and culture center on the corner of Sainte-Catherine.

Le 2-22 is home to a rich and diverse blend of cultural organizations: La Vitrine, the go-to spot for information on and tickets to cultural events in Montreal; CIBL 101.5, a French-language community radio station; Art actuel 2-22, an arts center that houses Artexte, a contemporary art documentation center; Formats, an arts bookstore;  Vox, a gallery; and Regroupement des centres d’artistes autogérés du Québec. And because every building needs a place to eat, Le 2-22 has two: restaurant Accords - Le Bistro, and the  bar/rooftop patio Le Pandore, which also offers  cabaret shows in the true spirit of the area.

SDA collaborated with a host of partners to assemble a financing package and ensure the new building would be accessible to arts and culture organizations. Fondaction invested $12,000,000 in the project, and various government agencies also came on board with subsidies for the land purchase and a nonrefundable contribution for culture industry tenants.

Architecturally, Le 2-22 is a bold mix of vernacular and contemporary styles with artistic flair that respects Montrealers’ wish to honor the spirit and rich history of the neighborhood.

Le 2-22 is LEED-NC Silver certified, one of only a handful of green buildings in downtown Montreal.


2-22-2.jpg Green to the core: Le 2-22 is certified LEED-NC Silver.