Green Philosophy

SDA is committed to reducing GHG emissions—year by year, project by project. Read more

Société de développement Angus was a pioneer in applying sustainable development principles at the sites and buildings it develops and manages.  Today we are recognized industry leaders in sustainable development with a host of awards and distinctions to prove it.

Before getting started on Technopôle Angus, SDA commissioned an urban ecology study that became part of the Technopôle’s preliminary development plan in 1997 and eventually took shape as Locoshop Angus.

Locoshop Angus was recognized as the country’s first green industrial building and selected to represent Canada at two international events showcasing green buildings, Maastrïch Sustainable Building conference (2000) and Venice Biennale (2008).

Every facet of sustainable development is integrated into the SDA development model, even when it means absorbing the costs ourselves. SDA is at the forefront with responsible soil management, our LEED building policy (three LEED buildings completed and a fourth on the way), green waste management initiatives (ICI ON RECYCLE!), and green building management (BOMA BESt). We have also set up a forward-thinking transportation program that halved the number of parking spots needed at Technopôle Angus by encouraging workers to commute by public transit or under their own steam.

SDA’s environmental expertise is increasingly in demand from partners and clients and our responsible procurement policy meets sustainable development criteria.

Société de développement Angus is a member of Montreal’s regional environmental council and BOMA Québec. We are also proud partners of Montreal’s policy for sustainable development (Politique de développement durable).


Workers at Technopôle Angus enjoy an oasis of green at the heart of the city! Parc Jean-Duceppe at Technopôle Angus