Our Mission


Angus is building real estate projects that bolster urban revitalization following the principles of sustainable development to creates significant spinoffs for local collectivities.

A history of pride

The SDA’s values on collaboration and solidarity serve as a guide to building its projects, while respecting sustainable development principles.

All-Around Expertise

SDA experts take care of every aspect of their revitalization projects, from design to implementation:

  • Conceptualizing and planning according to sustainable development principles
  • Providing legal guidance and financial engineering, including engaging public and private investments and investing funds from the organization
  • Working in concert with local communities and multiple stakeholders
  • Creating the necessary partnerships to bring projects to life
  • Purchasing land and buildings
  • Designing buildings with superior ecological value (LEED certified)
  • Constructing turnkey buildings with guaranteed price ceilings
  • Managing work sites in keeping with the rules of urban ecology
  • Marketing, renting and selling developed areas
  • Assessing economic spinoffs