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Our Expertise in Different Regions of Quebec

Quebec municipalities are facing different issues: a housing crisis, redeveloping spaces for different uses, creating mixed living environments for densely populated areas, and the list goes on. Making locals proud of these places again is what motivates us to expand across the province.

A National Housing Crisis

The right to housing is fundamental: Everyone needs a home to survive. Currently, in Quebec, many municipalities are struggling to provide this basic need because of the national housing crisis. The crisis is affecting everyone, from students to the elderly, including first-time home buyers and families.

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Devitalized Sectors

By using old industrial buildings or even vacant lots, several cities in Quebec have areas where densification and mixed living environments could become a reality. The SDA has the necessary expertise to help guide them on their journey to urban renewal.


Solutions for the Future

Developing new living environments is great, but making them last is even better! Using its Land Trust, the SDA is able to help communities and local stakeholders preserve the use of their building inventory.

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