Maison des infirmières
et infirmiers du Québec

Technopôle Angus

This building serves as the home base for the nursing profession in Quebec and boasts a distinct, green architectural design.

Inauguration 2014
Architects Lemay
Number of floors 4
Square footage 60,000

Awards and Certifications



Inspiring and Healthy

The Maison des infirmières et infirmiers is the real hub for the nursing profession, consolidating public-protection, promotion, professional development, international influence and philanthropic support under one roof in an effort to improve care services.

Eco-friendly, innovative features

This LEED-NC building boasts a white roof, a high-efficiency ventilation system, a green parking lot and hybrid/electric vehicle charging stations. The building’s exterior cladding is made of white ceramic coated in a finish that filters out nitrogen dioxide (NO2) emitted from gas-powered vehicles. This self-cleaning siding eliminates up to 17,000 g of NO2 annually, which is equivalent to the work of 87 trees.


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