Carrefour de l’économie sociale

Technopôle Angus

This avant-garde building allowed two social-economy businesses to own their own spaces.

Inauguration 2005
Architects Aedifica
Number of floors 3
Square footage 33,000
Property Access

This building exclusively houses social-economy businesses, including Groupe PART. This organization helps integrate people with mental health and psychological disorders into the workforce. Several services are available on site, including a cafeteria, meeting and event room rentals, and catering services. There is also an on-site daycare service (CPE).

Carrefour Façade La Caféshop

This avant-garde building enables social-economy businesses to purchase and own their own spaces. This formula ensures that these organizations receive the funding they need and creates a foundation to ensure their long-term development.

Carrefour Intérieur CPE

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