A Legacy for Future Generations

Angus Land Trust

Created in 2018, the Angus land trust is a legal instrument of preservation that will ensure the longevity and vocation of this location. The Technopôle Angus’ assets were transferred in 2019, with the collaboration of Fondaction.

The trust's mission is to:

  • Provide a healthy living environment
  • Maintain and create quality jobs
  • Develop loyalty among users

The trust acquires, protects and ensures the longevity and inalienability of this real estate legacy. This socioeconomic innovation was developed in accordance with the goals, mission and values of our organization.

The trust's main goal is to create a distinct and independent collective legacy and ensure that it is protected for urban revitalization purposes. The Angus land trust also protects the legacy from any potential real estate speculation.


A Real Estate Legacy

The trust's assets currently consist of 7 buildings (offices-commercial-services) with nearly 500,000 sq. ft. of rental space. The trust also has the bare ownership (through emphyteusis) of 7 properties with a surface area of almost 330,000 sq. ft. Each one of these properties has a building on it. The trust will eventually become the sole owner of almost all of the Technopôle’s property holdings, a unique collective legacy, an innovative area with a strong social impact, and a true innovative social and urban area.