En Route to the East

East Montreal is rife with potential for development thanks to its affordable housing, modern health care services, green chemistry, river access, active transportation, innovation zones, industrial revitalization, etc. Since 2018, stakeholders have been mobilizing to launch a project that incorporates all facets of the district, including social, economic and environmental factors. The green transition has begun.

East/West Divide

After massively funding West Montreal over the last several years, it is time to focus our investments on the East.

  • 36% of inhabitants have a chronic disease
  • 22 million sq. ft. of contaminated sites
  • Expected life span of 9 years less than the west
  • Dilapidated housing stock
  • Inadequate public transit system
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The SDA’s Expertise

The SDA’s projects aim to:

  • Revitalize urban areas in a manner designed for each area
  • Engage in local communities
  • Ensure the creation of quality jobs
  • Set up green infrastructure
  • Bolster quality of life through building projects
  • Ensure the active participation of other partners (CCEM, AIEM, Alliance pour l’Est, etc.)

Mobilization and Concrete Solutions

Influential stakeholders in the east are invested in widespread mobilization. Elected officials have agreed to join forces to modernize infrastructure and ensure the area’s economic and social development. Developing the east requires:

  • Reinforcing leadership and implementing structure to ensure that economic development is adapted to the area
  • Developing hubs and business potential in the area based on innovation in heath, green chemistry, etc.
  • Strategically decontaminating soils in a responsible manner
  • Operating public transit in a judicious manner (REM, bus, metro), along with transportation arteries, including Notre-Dame Street
  • Renovating and building affordable housing units to ensure that young families can access property
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