A Project in Rimouski

Ongoing project

Outside Montreal

Vitalizing and Densifying along the River

A Town Hit by the Housing Crisis

The town of Rimouski has been hit hard by the housing crisis that has affected other areas of Quebec and Canada. With over 48,000 inhabitants, this town is the most significant urban centre in the lower river area and has an administrative centre with several healthcare services and educational institutions. This attracts a lot of new residents every year, leading to increased housing needs. The solutions offered by the SDA, such as implementing a social utility trust fund, will help them meet some of these needs.


First Phase in Planing

In the summer of 2023, the Société de développement Angus signed an agreement with the city of Rimouski to develop a partnership to revitalize two lots for residential building projects. The lots are in the heart of the town, near the river, and in purchasing these lots, the development of a new project will allow the construction of affordable residential units (300 units for the pahse 1), including common areas and spaces dedicated for local shops.

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