This building project, which is one of SDA's most impressive projects ever, includes a museum, a food hall and 8 floors of office space. It is the result of ten years of hard work, which has contributed to revitalizing this area of The Main.

Inauguration 2019
Architects Provencher_Roy
Number of floors 9
Square footage 260,000

Awards and Certifications


LEED Silver


The Prix Projet Vert by Voir vert - Quebec’s sustainable building portal

A new living environment

The SDA established a customized program for buildings that goes far beyond simple real estate construction to create a mixed living environment. The building is home to MIFI (Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’intégration) offices, the future Mémoire des Montréalais museum (opening in 2023) and Le Central - a gourmet food hall with a mosaic of independent local restaurants. The location is expected to draw thousands of hungry mouths on a daily basis.

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Eco-friendly architecture

This 9-floor green building won the Projet Vert award and has the LEED NE Silver certification. It is spanned by a spectacular diagonal shape that resembles the Place des festivals. The facade is resolutely modern, but also integrates aspects of classical architecture.

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Le Central food hall

The main floor of Le Central is open to the public. This funky gourmet food hall took inspiration from sumptuous food courts in San Francisco, New York and Barcelona and showcases Montreal’s extensive culinary offerings. Here, you will find a mosaic of over 20 renowned restaurants and an unprecedented culinary experience.

7 L1 A5700

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