Cité médicale Angus

Technopôle Angus

A real estate complex exclusively devoted to health and well-being.

Inauguration Winter/Spring 2021
Architects Provencher_Roy
Number of floors 4
Number of underground parking floors 3
Square footage 98,067
A space dedicated to health care

The complex will not only house the current Angus clinic, but a number of new health care professionals as well. That said, Cité médicale Angus will also become the largest family medicine group (FMG) in Quebec. The complex will boast a variety of complementary health care services, including a pharmacy, physiotherapy clinic and an x-ray clinic. Space will be reserved for operating rooms for minor procedures (day surgeries).

6273 SDA Archi 097

The building will be connected to the energy loop in the Technopôle Angus eco-district, allowing buildings to exchange heat based on their needs.

DJI 0062

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