Centre Social et Communautaire de la Petite-Patrie

Ongoing project

East Montreal

Keeping rent affordable and community services available by acquiring and restoring a building.

Inauguration 1930
Architect Robert Constantin
Number of floors 3
Square Footage 18,509

The Centre Social et Communautaire de la Petite-Patrie is composed of 13 non-profit organizations. Its mission is to make social and community services accessible, promote development in the areas of health, wellness, education and social justice, and establish and run a social community centre for the residents of the Petite-Patrie and surrounding areas.

The organizations have, for the most part, been tenants for over 40 years. The Centre would like to acquire and convert the building, for a total approximate value of $6,000,000. The acquisition phase began back in December 2021 and the construction work is on going. The last phase will be completed during Summer 2024.

The SDA has been commissioned by the Centre Social et Communautaire de la Petite-Patrie to manage the project. The SDA is supporting the Centre through the various stages of acquisition and project development: design, supervising construction work and getting the building up and running.

Centre social et communautaire

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