Ateliers 3333

East Montreal

Affordable artist studios in the heart of the city

Inauguration 2021
Architects Provencher_Roy
Number of floors 7
Square footage 100,000

The SDA, artist Marc Séguin and developer Huotco are all passionate about the arts and culture and joined forces to create the Ateliers 3333 artist studios in the heart of Montreal, a city known for its art, artists and creative geniuses. The studios are being rented out at affordable prices, free of real estate speculation.

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Long-Term Affordability

The three partners behind Ateliers 3333 developed an innovative and sustainable financing model to allow tenants to access reasonably-priced studios, indexed to inflation, to ensure that they remain affordable in the long term (10+ years).

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A Location Designed for Artistic Activities

The building was renovated and transformed to provide artists with clean, functional spaces with natural light, and was designed specifically with the needs of artists from multiple disciplines in mind. For a more comfortable, welcoming environment, the building also has common areas where occupants can relax and catch up.

SDA Ateliers3333 2

Sustaining Artistic Practices

The Ateliers 3333 is part of a trend taking hold in many large cities, which involves local artists contributing to the transformation and revitalization of different neighbourhoods. In this case, facilities were put into place so that the artists could use their creative spaces long term.

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