FAR du Grand Montréal

Ongoing project

Outside Montreal

Revitalizing a historical building dedicated to conserving the heritage of 14 different religious communities.

Inauguration Scheduled for Sept. 2025
Architects Groupe Leclerc Architecture et design
Number of floors 3
Suare footage Over 40,000

An Impressive Collection

Since 2021, the Société de développement Angus has been involved in the FAR's (Fondation des archives et patrimoine religieux du Grand Montréal) Archive Centre project. Located in Old Longueuil, the centre will house the archives and collections of 14 different religious communities. It will be the largest religious archive centre in Canada, with a collection of 5 km of archives, objects and books in a row.

2023 09 20 Perspective avant

Museum Conservation Standards

The project will entail restoring the current building and surrounding arboretum, as well as adding a modern annex that is specifically designed for conservation. The centre is scheduled to open in 2025.

Entree Hall

A Historical Residence

Interesting fact, the house chosen for this project was built in 1874 by Louis Édouard Morin, the mayor of Longueuil at the time, when the city was called Jacques-Cartier. The house is a Neo-Gothic Tudor style with 18 rooms.

Salle Emaus

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