Locoshop Angus

Technopôle Angus

This pioneering site is a great example of a rehabilitation project. It holds the title as Canada’s first green industrial building.

Inauguration Built in 1903, renovated in 1998
Architects Aedifica
Number of floors 2
Square footage 89,200

Awards and Certifications


BOMA Best Certification


BOMA Bronze Certification


Royal Architectural Institute: Awards of Excellence - Innovation in Architecture Award


Green Building Challenge: Canada’s first eco-friendly industrial building

A fresh start

This was the first building erected on the Technopôle site, offering a great example of industrial site rehabilitation. The former locomotive repair shop was transformed into a rental building and now houses businesses and office space. Preserving its heritage and using eco-friendly principles led to it being crowned as the first green industrial building in Canada. Fun fact: 18 Desjardins credit unions loaned a total of $2.6 M for the Locoshop’s construction.

New businesses and restaurants

In 2015, an annex building was fully renovated to allow several restaurants to move in, including the famous Hoogan & Beaufort. In 2018, the pedestrian mall on the north side of the building was opened, housing several businesses just a short walk away for residents in the area.

Angus1c Frédérique Ménard Aubin 317

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