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Creating an Impact Creating an Impact

Our projects are based on the three pillars of sustainable development: maintaining environmental integrity, ensuring social equity and targeting economic efficiency. This commitment generates numerous positive impacts.


5 LEED-certified buildings
10 environmental awards and honours
95% reuse of rainwater
40% in energy savings thanks to energy looping
5 ecological corridors
1,6 M sq. ft. of decontaminated sites
900,000 sq. ft. developed into an LEED ND eco-district


200 social and student housing units
7 cultural organizations becoming property owners
68,000 sq. ft. dedicated to community health care
2 daycares (CPEs)
200 units designed specifically for families
3,000 vulnerable individuals reintegrated into the workplace


$77 M in real estate assets
40,000 sq. ft. dedicated to social economy
25 independent restaurants downtown
1,000 new jobs on Saint-Laurent Boulevard
100 organizations and businesses
$1.2 B in payroll

Making positive impacts