Carrefour Saint-Laurent

Bringing Pride and Joy back to The Main

This central district has been completely revamped in the last several years. Emerging and traditional cultural sites co-existing in close proximity, lively restaurants opening their doors, and a multitude of students and tourists coming to the site. Not to mention the thousands of people who work on site on a daily basis.

A Red Light District that had Lost its Charm

After years of being the festive heart of downtown Montreal, the historical artery became progressively devitalized over the years. At the beginning of the 1990s, Saint-Laurent Boulevard was in a sad state:

  • Thousands sq. ft. of abandoned lots and buildings
  • Several business closures
  • Unsanitary housing
  • Poverty, lack of safety and exclusion
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Taking back The Main

The SDA team envisioned a living environment that honoured the colourful history of The Main and that promised a better future, replete with diversity. As such, the organization:

  • Purchased seven lots and dilapidated buildings
  • Developed projects with patience and resilience over a 10-year period, overcoming numerous obstacles along the way
  • Mobilized and engaged in dialogue with various stakeholders
  • Designed a custom project for the district in accordance with its needs and features: cultural sites, affordable fine dining, modern office spaces
  • Shared its project engineering expertise with partners
  • Built according to the highest standards of green construction
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Revitalizing the Cultural Heart of the City

Today, buildings 2-22 and Carré Saint-Laurent match the Quartier des spectacles in terms of cultural vitality. This has enabled:

  • The construction of several MIFI offices along Saint-Laurent Boulevard
  • The creation of the first gourmet food court in Montreal, Le Central
  • An innovative business model for independent restaurants to be able to access downtown locations
  • A new strategic location for the MEM Mémoire des Montréalais
  • A significant investment to help seven cultural organizations become the owners of units 2-22
  • A cultural and culinary offering that livens up the sector and draws crowds
  • A sense of safety and belonging for all users
  • Award-winning buildings with architectural designs that suit the surrounding area
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