Podcasts – La ruée vers l’Est

A true masterpiece with the colours of urban revitalization and sustainable development joining together, the series looks at how this neighbourhood is in the midst of a renaissance.

Season 1
A productive gathering with the experts and residents of the East of Montreal of the future. With Michel Dallaire, Christine Fréchette, Mélissa Larivière, Laurent Levesque, Paul-André Linteau, Ron Rayside, Christian Yaccarini et Alejandra Zaga Mendez . Together, they pave the way and shed a whole new light on the often ignored eastside. Podcasts in French only.

Season 2
A key player in sustainable development and green building for over 20 years, the Société de Développement Angus has started a promising dialogue with residents and experts, from Pointe-aux-Trembles to Anjou and Montreal North. With Diane Bérard, Céline Mertenat, Nancy Neamtan, Michel Labrecque, Claude Provencher, Mélissa Raymond, René Rivest, Frédérique Thibault-Gagné et Christian Yaccarini.
Podcasts in French only.

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Teaser - Season 2

March 12, 2020 – Duration : 1:05

Discover the second season of La ruée vers l’Est podcast.

Episode 1 - Sustainable Economy

April 15, 2020 – Duration : 22:38

How can we redevelop an area by combining economy and ecology with the residents? To the east of Anjou, the refineries, metal factories and impound lots span for miles and define the area’s identity. Diane Bérard, Céline Mertenat and Nancy Neamtan take us behind the scenes of these industrial landscapes and propose solutions for a better future.

Episode 2 - Revitalized Heritage

April 15, 2020 – Duration : 17:37

Demolish, rebuild, modify or protect? Each area has its own history, strengths and weaknesses. From the Olympic Park to Pointe-aux-Trembles, Montreal East has an established, natural, cultural heritage that should be highlighted. Michel Labrecque, Frédérique Thibault-Gagné and René Rivest provide us with tools to better understand where these places come from and what their future holds.

Episode 3 - Inclusive Living Environments

April 15, 2020 – Duration : 18:36

How do we create nice living environments and start new dialogues with residents of neighbourhoods that are already quite dense and sometimes fragile? From Rosemont to Montreal North, the urban fabric is not the same, and each area has its own specificities. Claude Provencher, Mélissa Raymond and Christian Yaccarini openly tackle the challenges of intervening in more complex urban settings and share their thoughts with us.

Bande annonce - Imaginer l'Est de Montréal

September 12th 2019 – Duration : 00:44

Episode 1 - Quête d'identité

September 12th 2019 – Duration : 16:34

What is the eastside? What is its history, its colours, its contours? Pointe-aux-Trembles, Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, Montreal-Nord – all neighbourhoods with different realities. Take a closer look at the surprising story of a little-known area of the city, told by those who live there.

Episode 2 - Terre de contraste

September 12th 2019 – Duration : 23:29

Why is the eastside both so colourful and yet so underappreciated, so vast and yet so divided? Discover its poetry, disparities and promises through its historical milestones, geographical particularities and challenges, from the eyes of the experts connected to this land.

Episode 3 - La conquête

September 12th 2019 – Duration : 15:41

What do we want for the future of the eastside? In the last episode, mobilization is at the peak of land revitalization. Clean technologies, a circular economy, transport infrastructures, densification, decontamination, design, innovation: get ready for the thousands of possibilities that will change the face of the eastside forever.