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Who we are: A proud history.

Société de développement Angus is a social economy enterprise founded in 1995 following the closure of the Angus Shop’s in the Rosemont—La Petite-Patrie borough of Montreal. When Canadian Pacific (CP) railway closed the industrial complex for good, thousands of Rosemont workers lost their livelihood. Ninety years of heavy industry had taken a heavy toll on the site. All that remained were a few buildings and a tract of vacant land with no municipal infrastructure. To bring employment and economic prosperity back to the neighbourhood, SDA joined forces with the local community to conceive and develop a visionary project: Technopôle Angus.

By 2006 SDA was in the early stages of the second half of the Technopôle’s development, and was ready to branch out and bring its expertise and model of sustainable urban development to innovative new projects in other neglected areas of the city and the province.

Today SDA is:

  • An active developer of urban renewal projects that reflect our deep-seated commitment to sustainable development principles
  • A redevelopment expert with close ties to local communities and a proven ability to reconcile stakeholders’ needs and interests
  • An entrepreneurial force that builds social economy development into every project
  • An industry leader in sustainable planning and construction
  • A property manager with a green conscience
  • A partner to other organizations developing high-impact projects that build prosperity for Quebec

To learn more about the complete history of SDA development, see the book


SDA is a social economy enterprise creating real estate developments grounded in sustainable development principles that drive urban renewal while generating economic benefits for the local community.


From day one, SDA has grown and thrived by staying true to its values of cooperation and solidarity. Every one of our projects embodies the following core principles:

  • Maintain the highest standards of excellence in every project
  • Continually advance knowledge of sustainable development and urban renewal to remain at the forefront of the field
  • Forge and maintain close ties with local communities to ensure they remain willing participants in planned developments
  • Build consensus with all stakeholders
  • Generate positive social impacts for the community
  • Develop the social economy
  • Promote cooperative entrepreneurship
  • Ensure project profitability
  • Uphold sustainable development principles
  • Use green construction techniques for buildings and infrastructure
  • Drive social and green innovation
  • Secure our long-term sustainability


From initial project concept right through to sales and marketing, SDA has comprehensive expertise covering every aspect of urban renewal development. We provide a full suite of services:

  • Concept development and planning of urban renewal projects completely shaped by sustainable development principles
  • Construction of turnkey buildings for clients at guaranteed maximum costs
  • Construction of green (LEED) buildings
  • Worksite management in adherence with urban environmental regulations
  • Legal and financial engineering services, including mobilizing public and private investments and managing our own investment funds
  • Developing the partnerships necessary for large-scale projects
  • Acquisition of land and buildings
  • Building consensus and cooperation with local communities and all project stakeholders
  • Marketing, leasing, and sales of developed spaces


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