Théâtre La Licorne

Théâtre La Licorne
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We revitalize by optimizing spaces.

The SDA coordinated and managed the renovation and expansion of the new La Licorne Theater, allowing 50% more spectators.

A true hub for Montreal’s experimental theater, La Licorne offers contemporary programming on a variety of topical subjects since 1975. While the theater required a major overhaul, two renowned Quebec art companies required the services of SDA to equip La Licorne with a new broadcast space.

Thanks to this renovation, the SDA and the team of professionals under its coordination have created two multi-purpose broadcasting halls, the Grande and the Petite Licorne, also making it possible to concretize exchanges of shows abroad. The venue has also gained lodges, more efficient spaces for the administrative team as well as a vast hall with coffee bar.

  • 1

    coffee bar

    A meeting place before or after the shows.

  • 90

    seating places

    In the Petite Licorne.

  • 175

    seating places

    In the Grande Licorne.