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Angus is changing the Montreal landscape in a vibrant new area of the city. Who are the stakeholders behind this successful revitalization and what are the values and vision that brought it to life? Producer Nadine Gomez investigates the origins of this proud and resilient organization.

Discover Angus in this authentic documentary serie

This two-minute video offers a convincing portrait of Angus’ winning recipe: work, passion and innovation.

Building Pride

How did an abandoned locomotive factory become an inclusive and lively eco-district? Take a trip to the heart of this unique collective revitalization project that was built for the sole benefit of the community.

Building Living Environments

What makes a successful living environment? A healthy mix of convenience, affordability and inclusivity are the keys to making vibrant, habitable living spaces. See how Angus is bringing communities together under the banner of sustainable development.

Making Positive Impacts

A strong vision and core values: Angus managed to thwart the “profit at any price” model. Discover how we created quality jobs, prioritized eco-friendly infrastructure and promoted social balance while remaining attentive to economic feasibility.

A Futuristic Approach

We put ideas before convention. Reducing our ecological footprint required a healthy dose of creativity and boldness. We used a unique advanced technology – the Technopôle Angus energy loop – to provide you with a window into the healthy environmental practices of the future.