Ateliers 3333: Affordable Artist Studios
Article Apr. 28, 2021

Ateliers 3333: Affordable Artist Studios

The SDA, along with artist Marc Séguin and developer Huotco are all passionate about the arts and culture and announced the creation of Ateliers 3333 – new artists’ studios in the heart of Montreal, city of arts, artists and creators. The studios will be available in the summer of 2021 at an affordable price and free of speculation.

An Innovative and Promising Partnership

Ateliers 3333 are the fruit of a partnership between artist Marc Séguin, our organization, and property developer Huotco, along with the ambitious and inspiring vision to transform an industrial building into a complex of bright, inspiring creative spaces.

Long-Term Affordability

The three partners behind Ateliers 3333 chose an innovative and sustainable financing model to ensure that tenants pay reasonable rent, in an amount indexed to inflation, to ensure the long-term affordability of the spaces (10+ years).

A Location Designed for the Arts

This 100,000 square-foot converted, renovated building will offer artists a clean, functional space with ample light, that was expressly designed to meet the needs of creators in a variety of disciplines. For greater comfort and user-friendliness, the building will also have common areas for relaxation and meetings among tenants. The rate has been set at $12/sq.ft. + GST/QST and annual increases will be indexed to the cost of living to ensure financial stability for artists.

An Exceptional Space

Located near the Saint-Michel metro station at the intersection of 10 different bus lines and bike paths, Ateliers 3333 is easily accessible via public transit, foot and bike. Ateliers 3333 users will enjoy a wide range of local services, just a few minutes walk from their workplace.

Sustainability for the Arts

Ateliers 3333 is part of a new trend in several large cities toward transforming and revitalizing districts by involving the artists who live in them and seeking their input. In this case, mechanisms were established to help artists remain in their creative spaces over the long term.

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See Marc Séguin investit dans des ateliers d'artiste, La Presse, 28 avril 2021 (in French only)