Top 5 Podcasts on the City and Urban Development

Lignes de désir

In this episode, we discuss projects, urban development and design, we debate densification and stroll through different neighbourhoods, exploring buildings, spaces and the streets of Montréal and Quebec. Passionate professionals and researchers join forces to discuss the important issues affecting city planning to help raise awareness and inform listeners of the challenges we’re facing today and those future generations will face.

Come take a walk with us while we discover the top 5 podcasts on the city and urban development.

1. Cadre Bati

First and foremost, it’s an aesthetic. Perfect pictures. Chiselled content. Cadre bâti gives the floor to big names in the industry to discuss architecture, city planning and more. Big societal issues that have impacted Montréal in recent years are also addressed, including gentrification, social economy and mobility.

Cadre bâti has been running for two seasons and is hosted by Émile Forest and Guillaume Ethier, while Maude Cournoyer-Gendron wears the cap of director and participated as a speaker in episode 1 of our podcast, Vivre en ville – A Short Story.

Our personal favourite: Episode 14 : La mobilité comme projet de vie avec Florence Paulhiac Scherrer

2. VRM — The Podcast — A Prelude

These podcasts were recorded in 2017 and 2018 and were produced by Villes Régions Monde, a network of over 70 Quebec-based researchers and 15 professionals that pool their knowledge and experience in an effort to bring to life and highlight research on urban issues. 

Maude Cournoyer-Gendron and Antoine Guilbault-Houde are our hosts once again and take us through their journey of meeting with these specialists.

Our personal favourite: Podcast Season 2 Episode 2 Using Vacant Spaces and Transient City Planning

3. Relève en urbanisme

Addressing distinct urban planning projects in specific areas, Relève en urbanisme takes us through their process of implementation and how it evolves over time. Through instructive and targeted interviews, you will learn about the slow densification of Sainte-Catherine with the addition of new housing units and the City of Chambly’s decision to bolster its industrial park while also enhancing its natural areas.

This 6‑episode series is hosted by Marie-Josée Vaillancourt and Julien Auclair.

Our personal favourite: August 19, 2021 episode: Riverside Promenade in the City of Sainte Catherine; Transient Real Estate Occupancy, Entremise (Special episode)

4. While we walk

Have you heard of the Promenades de Jane? Inspired from the process of journalist, author and activist Jane Jacobs, passionate citizens organize routes around the city to fully explore and discover its hidden gems, but also to better understand it to draw inspiration for new initiatives. The While We Walk team follows dedicated city dwellers who share this special relationship with their neighbourhoods.

These podcasts were produced by the Centre d’écologie urbaine de Montréal, in partnership with Accès Transport Viable, directed by Magnéto.

Our personal favourite: April 26, 2020 episode: The Plateau-Est de Marie

5. En chantier

En chantier dives into 4 big questions as it discusses issues in urban planning. Specialists discuss big development issues unique to Quebec, including the winter season, parking, vegetalization, densification and public policies as they attempt to find answers. 

En chantier is an independent initiative supported by Vivre en Ville and is hosted by Jean-Philippe Simard and Olivier Morneau.

Our personal favourite: Episode 2: How to Tame our Winter Blues?

BONUS: La ruée vers l’Est

Produced by the Société de développement Angus, with 3 seasons and 10 episodes, offers food for thought and retraces the processes already undertaken to develop East Montréal. 

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