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Announcement: Financial Contribution to the Green Neighbourhood Infrastructure

Société de développement Angus applauds the Quebec government’s financial contribution to the Technopôle Angus green neighbourhood infrastructure

 Construction kicks off in spring 2018

Montreal, March 23, 2018 – Société de développement Angus (SDA) enthusiastically applauds the announcement of $20.5 million in funding from the Quebec government to the City of Montreal for green infrastructure projects in the Technopôle Angus green neighbourhood. This contribution will help meet the total costs of green infrastructure, estimated at nearly $40 million, with the balance funded by Société du patrimoine Angus. Construction on the green neighbourhood begins in spring 2018.

“We are thrilled to see the Technopôle Angus green neighbourhood becoming a reality,” said SDA President and CEO Christian Yaccarini. “And we enthusiastically applaud the Quebec government’s substantial financial contribution, which will enable us to begin infrastructure work, including an energy loop connecting buildings and a green runoff management system for rainwater. Fast-tracking these core infrastructure elements will speed up the development of the entire green neighbourhood. In September 2018 we’ll break ground on affordable residential units, as well as a mixed-use office and retail building. Today is a momentous day: the fruition of vision long in the making that will lend new impetus to the renewal of Montreal’s east end.

An innovative mixed-use neighborhood in the heart of Montreal

Technopôle Angus is already held up as a model of sustainable urban renewal, in Quebec and around the world. With the new green neighbourhood being built on 37,000 square meters in the centre of the site, the Technopôle is growing in the most progressive possible way by focusing on mixed uses and social diversity.

The Technopôle Angus green neighbourhood will be a hub of innovation that attracts and retains employers and young families in the heart of Montreal with its outstanding quality of life and positive economic, environmental, and community impacts. Every detail has been carefully thought out to create an ideal living environment in a vibrant community with a strong connection to the surrounding neighbourhood.

At an estimated total cost of $250 million, the Technopôle Angus green neighbourhood will include:

  • High-quality public spaces and amenities such as a wide tree-lined pedestrian street, urban maple forest, public squares, and greenbelts
  • 360 residential units, 80% social and affordable housing
  • 45,000 square metres of office space for over 1,500 new workers
  • 3,000 square metres of commercial space for some 20 new local businesses
  • An elementary school and two new public daycares centres
  • 550 underground parking spaces, without a single above-ground parking space ­– a bold statement!

The project is designed to achieve LEED-ND V4 PLATINUM certification, North America’s leading environmental certification, based on stringent standards for sustainability, energy efficiency, and environmental design for neighbourhood development. The project has already won prestigious design awards including the Canadian Urban Institute’s 2015 Grand Prize and the Royal Architecture Institute of Canada’s 2016 National Urban Design Award.

Green infrastructure

The Technopôle Angus green neighbourhood will be especially innovative on the infrastructure front. Highlights include:

  • A runoff management system designed to store and filter 95% of rainwater over the course of a year – water that will not enter the municipal system – and reduce the consumption of drinkable water used in building facilities by 40%.
  • An energy loop shared between all planned buildings that recovers and transfers energy between users of heating and cooling systems, reducing building energy consumption by 40% and emitting 26% less greenhouse gas than a conventional project without heat exchange.

Another facet of infrastructure work is the environmentally friendly remediation of contaminated soils.

About Technopôle Angus

Technopôle Angus is a vibrant neighborhood in the borough of Rosemont—La Petite-Patrie in the heart of Montreal. An urban renewal success story and state-of-the art sustainable development on a massive scale, the Technopôle building portfolio includes 70,000 square metres of top-quality commercial and residential real estate, with 50% of the area still awaiting development. The new green neighbourhood will add 85,000 square metres of development conceived as a fully fledged mixed-used neighbourhood. Today, Technopôle Angus is home to 62 organizations employing 2,700 workers in 13 buildings.

About the Société de développement Angus

Société de développement Angus (SDA) is a social economy enterprise behind urban renewal projects that deliver significant spinoffs for the local community and embrace sustainable development. Through the successful development of Technopôle Angus, SDA honed the expertise it is now putting to work on a weatlh of projects. In Montreal’s Quartier des Spectacles SDA developed Le 2-22, the entertainment district’s flagship building, next to Carré Saint-Laurent. SDA also acts as primary contractor on exciting projects such as Théâtre La Licorne and Maison d’Haïti in Montreal, and the Native Friendship Centre in Val-d’Or.

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