Repenser l’école – A model school at the Technopôle Angus
Article Apr. 1, 2017

Repenser l’école – A model school at the Technopôle Angus

We dream of a school for the Angus Technopole.

On Sunday, April 2, 2017, Christian Yaccarini, President and CEO of the Société de développement Angus, Cindy Couture, General Manager and Content Director at Index-Design and Marc-André Carignan, The Rethinking Schools initiative.

An initiative that took the form of a sprint for the development of new technological solutions to meet the challenges of the primary and secondary education sectors. In 48 hours, the teams set up and presented to the public innovative projects that will help their community in a concrete way.

“I believe that everyone has the right to rethink the school as it has been developed since the 1960s. Today there is something happening across the province. You have to grab the ball. At the Angus Shops, we have already set up a reflection committee that imagines what kind of school we want in the neighborhood. “

Christian Yaccarini, President and Chief Executive Officer, Société de développement Angus