Technopôle Angus named “Best Overall” project in Canada by Canadian Urban Institute
Article Oct. 13, 2015

Technopôle Angus named “Best Overall” project in Canada by Canadian Urban Institute

The 2015 Brownie awards were presented at a gala event for the Canadian Urban Institute’s annual forum, and Technopôle Angus brought home the evening’s top honors. The “Best Overall” award recognizes a single project or program that combines excellence in urban design, outstanding public space, and innovative approaches to land remediation in adherence with sustainable development principles.

This honor recognizes Technopôle Angus’s excellence since its beginnings in 1999, including the Phase II development plan. Société de développement Angus worked with urban architecture firm Provencher_Roy to craft a development plan that continues to build on the outstanding work completed to date.

Head-to-head with four major projects from across Canada

Competition in the “Best Overall” category was stiff, pitting Technopôle Angus against four major urban renewal projects from across the country: the City of Vancouver’s Metropolitan Core Jobs & Economy Land Use Plan; the City of Edmonton’s Brownfield Redevelopment Grant Program; Peel, Ontario’s Mississauga Road LID Pilot Project; and the Metalworks development in Guelph, Ontario. In addition to the win in the “Best Overall” category, Technopôle Angus was also a finalist in six other categories.

About the Canadian Urban Institute’s Brownie Awards

A joint initiative of the Canadian Federation of Municipalities Green Fund and the Canadian Brownfields Network, the Brownie Awards have recognized excellence in urban redevelopment in Canadian communities since 2001.

About Technopôle Angus

The Technopôle Angus development transformed a contaminated 2-million square foot industrial ruin into a thriving business park and multi-use community in the heart of Montreal that is now home to 2,300 employees working for 55 different organizations in 13 buildings.

Phase II, the final development phase, will complete the creation of a one-of-a-kind green neighbourhood where business, residents, and public space coexist in an unparalleled environment of sustainability.

Fully integrating multiple uses in a single site has enabled Technopôle Angus to implement a wealth of sustainable innovations, such as recovering and recirculating the energy between buildings, reusing solid waste and waste water, managing snow onsite, and many more.

Phase II of the development will add 1,500 new workers, some twenty businesses serving the local community, several hundred housing units, and 4 public squares. The Technopôle will represent a model of sustainable urban development marked by forward-looking urban planning, state-of-the-art facilities, and social and environmental innovation