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We're revitalizing with employment and vibrant community

Technopôle Angus is a flourishing community in the heart of Montreal, home to 67 businesses, organizations, and social economy enterprises that employ over 2,900 people in such promising fields as health, life sciences and ICT. With the development of the new green neighbourhood across from Parc Jean-Duceppe, the Technopôle community will become even more vibrant thanks to 1,500 new workers and hundreds of resident families.

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  • 735,000 sq. ft. already built
  • 50% of land still undeveloped

An urban renewal success story and hub for sustainable development and social innovation, the Technopôle Angus building portfolio includes 580,000 sq. ft. of top-quality real estate, with 50% of the area awaiting development. The new green neighbourhood will add 895,000 sq. ft. of new development in the form of an urban village where businesses and families will coexist in a vibrant, welcoming, and environmentally responsible community.

Technopôle Angus is a model sustainable neighbourhood with a full range of quality services for workers and residents that has earned multiple awards and certifications for environmental excellence.

The Technopôle story is one of ambitious firsts. In 2000, Locoshop Angus was named Canada’s first green industrial building. In 2006, Technopôle Angus was the first development in Quebec with a residual materials management plan. And in 2008, the site earned LEED-ND GOLD certification for its Development and Land-Use Plan, only the second project outside the United States to reach this sustainability milestone—on top of the Technopôle’s multiple awards and distinctions.

  • 13

    certified buildings

    The second-largest green building development in Canada.

  • 67

    employers creating jobs for 2,900 workers

    Valued tenants include Ubisoft, MELS studios, OIIQ and Insertech.

  • 77

    million in property value

    The new green neighbourhood will bring this total up over the $100 million mark in the years ahead.

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