Metropoly: we win to play together!
Article May 25, 2017

Metropoly: we win to play together!

After Christian Yaccarini‘s conference on territorial inequities, an impromptu vox populi on the plaza with Camille of Sid Lee on sustainable development and an interview with Élodie Gagnon on the achievements and challenges of the Société de développement Angus in the Aquarium … It was time to play a little!

The SDA has therefore concocted, for the occasion, a particularly original workshop: to transform the mythical capitalist game Monopoly into Metropoly, the collective game where one wins together!

In addition to being fun, the experience was rewarding and even surprising!

The goal of the game was very simple, to develop as much as possible! To do this, there were two ways of confronting one another: to become the richest promoter of his city or to work to make his city the richest with the others.

The richest city collectively won a prize. The wealthiest member of the team also won a special prize. The richest person in the poorest city won the lemon price! Several strategies came up against each other, but in the end, the two tables that bet the most on a collective and even community-based approach found themselves with the most wealth at the end of the 55 minutes of play.

Jean-Martin Aussant, Director General of the Chantier de l’Économie Sociale, closed the workshop by talking about the paradigm shift in the existing economic model. He also talked about the importance of collective thinking now for a more equitable development. ‘It is abnormal that some individuals on the earth hold the wealth of half the planet! This system that we know must change. Fortunately, the younger generation integrates more easily these new ways of conceiving the creation of wealth. The world will be better.

Mr. Aussant ended his brief address by returning to the prisoner’s dilemma, well known in game theory, to illustrate his point. This dilemma represents a situation where two players would benefit from cooperation, but where, in the absence of communication between the two players, each will choose to betray the other.

Nice way to end a busy day at C2MTL!